9 MAR 2010 RefGen Phone Conference (Archived)

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Action items - ALL

  1. Please fill the wiki pages for curation progress of lung targets (9_MAR_2010_RefGen_Phone_Conference#Lung_targets:_progress)
  2. Please add yourself to the working groups for the GO annotation camp (2010_GO_camp_Meeting_Logistics#Suggestions_for_annotation_issues_to_be_discussed)

Lung targets: progress

Li Ni: Please continue to fill wiki page for curation progress: Note that high priority genes are in red.

Next targets: heart development

Varsha Khodiyar, UCL

GO annotation camp

  • Please fill the attendees list of you already know whether you can attend or not. We'd like at least one person from each group to participate. the goal is to finalize annotation guidelines on several topics and we'd like all groups to participate in discussions and be aware of the finalized guidelines.
  • Focused annotation topics:
  1. Use of regulation
  2. Downstream effects /response to
  3. Binding and complexes
    1. Binding documentation
    2. Annotation of complexes

Please add yourself to the working group(s) you would like to be part of. So far everyone who voted for a topic is part of that group. This may be too many groups for everyone and too many members per group.

Ref genome progress report for April 2010 SAB


Please suggest edits if appropriate.

Annotation status reporting tool : progress

Kara and her group have started to work on a tool that would display the annotation status of the Panther families. There will be a regularly updated web page that will show the following information:

  1. Panther family ID
  2. Date selected for concurrent annotation
  3. Date Panther family last annotated (tree annotations)
  4. Number of members
  5. Number of RefG members
  6. Number of members with EXP
  7. Date more recent member last annotated
  8. We could add 'date comprehensively annotated' for groups that can provide this information

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