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Chair: Seth, Absent: Eurie


  • Progress towards June release
  • Integration of new functionality
  • What formats should be added
  • Test protocols for WG
  • Amelia's prototypes


  • Progress ok, should have something testable this week
  • Decided that since the flat file was deprecated, it should be replaced with OBO format
  • Discussed how the WG should test for this release
  • Discussed what the new front page should look like
  • Discussed naming the new functionality
  • Varsha from the HGNC to join the AWG

Action Items

  • Inform other groups of our conference call time
  • Replace flat file with OBO file
  • Get prototypes to WG
  • Solicit names for "termfinder" and "map2slim" from WG
  • Front page mockups, ask how WG likes them
  • Start automated testing