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Seth Mary Amelia Chris Ben Rama


~30 minutes


  • qualifiers
  • show ref gen graphs

Previous Action Items

  • Release AmiGO


  • qualifiers' mockup
    • tomorrow (amelia)
  • send notes along to software group (chris)
    • amigo data structs (amelia)
    • ref gen and DBIx::Class (seth)
  • ref genome graph
    • look at other options
      • look at cytoscape (ben)
      • through the obo-edit code (chris)
    • additions for demo
      • toggle between direct and indirect
      • different views for ISS and the five experimental codes
  • short discussion of DBIx:Class and performance issues
    • views help
    • haven't tried prefetch and other methods yet
    • ben will keep us posted on his experiments

Action Items

  • release AmiGO