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The next is on: 2/4/2010

Things on Seth's list

  • links and paths
    • removal/linking of cgi-bin/amigo
    • symlinks in production
  • lucene
    • having lucene (as it stands in exp)
      • mod_perl (revisit mod_perl vs. fast-cgi)
      • index transfer (versus local generation)
    • having a modern lucene (tomcat/jetty for lucene over custom server or Solr)
  • new AmiGO dependencies
    • GOBO/go-moose (new svn)
  • look into difficulty of changing gene_product_count loading (iea/non-iea and species (trees?))
  • upcoming MySQL 5.1 plans
  • google analytics on GO wiki

Things on Rama's list

  • GAF 2.0 loading
  • Ref.Genome data (this might have to wait until the ref.genome conf.call to see what shd be prioritized)

Thinks on Ben's list

  • We have 2 (3 if you include Berkeley) hires pending to rewrite GO loading, what should they do? (Given 1 year fixed term)

We agreed that with such a limited time frame to find candidates and finish project 14 months from today makes this rather challenging. 4 main tasks were agreed upon (roughly) which would correspond to about 1/person. They should probably be as disjoint as possible to prevent any issues of interoperability confounding the already short time frame.

  1. Go Loading
    • Re write sequence loading - dovetails with RG project to collect GP lists from Mods; a well defined short term project
    • Add incremental GAF loading - harder but probably more useful
  2. Amigo search enhancements - Lucene etc.
  3. RefGenome Display enhancments

If we got the right person, it would be nice to throw out the whole go-db-perl/go-perl system, but I don't think we can count on that. Similarly, we could merge GO-db and CHADO schema. In general such proposals were considered too ambitious given the personnel challenges