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  • Seth: Demo of map2slim interface
  • Val/Seth: ID mapping issue for map2slim/term enrich interface


map2slim interface

  • BEN: There is a bug Firefox 2.0 Mac OSX has 2 floating scroll bars about 3/4ths of the way down on the rhs. They appear in the correct position when you click [Display gene product filters]
  • JANE: I have a request from Matt that when you add a load of GO ids as a slim, it can display them as an indented set, so you can see the hierarchy.
  • Only show "ALL" mappings, not direct
  • Handle root terms/unknown correctly when they appear in slim

ID mapping

  • we all agree that we need an intermediate page to display IDs that could not be uniquely mapped
  • we all all agree not to solve ID mapping problem in general
  • details left to seth to implement in a timely manner


View transcript

Action items

  • Clarify Matt's request
  • it would be great to have a working beta, with some solid examples for the interactome meeting in UK at the end of the month we are doing a go demo/tutorial.