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Currently in production.

Sett AmiGO 2 0 for the future beta.

New features

  • Centralized internal testing (kappa)
  • GOOSE integrated into framework (GOOSE)
  • Rapid searching (live search)
  • New term details with improved graph view (term details for GO:0022008)
  • Speed--new caching sub-system for several components (see above for example)

New experimental (beta) features

  • [New] Static version of the Lucene search for fallback (term gene product).
  • Matrix tool (nmatrix)
  • Integrate new RG views from Sven (may be deferred) (phylotree)
    • Check licensing of JS tree viewer (ntree)
  • Relation filtering (may be bumped to deferred)
    • Start with term enrichment and work out

Known issues

Please see the tracker.