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Beta at AmiGO 2 Labs (experimental).

  • Testing:
    • TBD

New features

Current work


  • Term details
  • Gene product details
  • More powerful live search
  • TBD


  • Complete conversion to GOlr
  • New (lite) installer
  • TBD


  • ...

Experimental (beta) features

This area is for things that have functioning public code are are planned for inclusion somewhere down the road. AmiGO Labs likely has them.

  • TBD

Plans and TBD

This area is for things that are still in the planning stage for eventual inclusion, and may or may not have functioning public code. Things in here will hopefully be bumped up or down.

  • TBD

Deferred features

These are features that may or may not have working code checked in, but are not currently planned for any kind of testing or release.

  • TBD

Known issues

From AmiGO 2 and on we will use Trac for feature requests and bug reporting.

When submitting a ticket, choose one of the amigo-xxxxx components. You can also associate this with a milestone.

The current milestone is AmiGO 2 alpha

For old issues, please see the sf tracker.