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1.  New short URL
1.  New short URL
*already there, and ready. Need to give people more warning
*already there, and ready. Need to give people more warning
**COMMENT: more warning for what, testing?  not users - they should never care about URL syntax as long as they are backwards compatible.

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next meeting

  • Date: June 12, 2007
  • Chair: Seth

See meeting chair rota for next chair

Previous Meetings

May 29, 2007


Chair: Jane


Aim of the meeting was to look into AmiGO 1.0 release status in regard to the new features voted for by the AWG:

List as voted on by the AWG

1. download options

  • basic option is in there (tab-delimited)
  • long term needs more interface needs work to display extra download options

Discussion about the AWG exercise, to get people talking about features they do and don't like about different commonly used web interfaces. Eurie voiced concerns that the AWG doesn't know why it's performing these exercises, hence they lose interest. 2. sorted search results

  • implemented (has a bug)

3. searching with mis-spelled terms

  • no progress on this item (what do AWG think?)

4. improved gene product search

  • implemented

5. a tie between: 5a. organize and allow filtering species by kingdom

  • out of time - need data in database

5b. advanced Search radio button

  • implemented (near as)

Long-standing wish list items

1. Term Finder

  • Had to redesign to fit into AmiGO 1.0, almost there

Discussion on session data. Will look at further.

2. Term Mapper

  • As Term Finder

3. IEA

  • Wait until AmiGO 2.0

Ben to send log files to Amelia.

Additional functionalities

1. New short URL

  • already there, and ready. Need to give people more warning
    • COMMENT: more warning for what, testing? not users - they should never care about URL syntax as long as they are backwards compatible.

Timescale: testing during June, July release? Soft deadline for first beta - last week of June.

May 1, 2007


Chair: Ben

  • Can we discuss the role of the meeting_chair tomorrow? Most of us assume that people remember these meetings and call/logon etc without reminders (Rama)


  • we will set up an email reminder (Friday morning Pacific US time). This will go to the HUB group with a reminder to send agenda items. There will be a link to this wiki page so that we can determine who the chairperson is. This is better than the chart (AWG meeting chairs) because we often skip a meeting. Ben will set up the cron job that sends the email.
  • meeting chair should add minutes on this page, and update next meeting chair.
  • If there are no agenda items, we can assume that there is no meeting
  • similar policy will be adopted for full AWG. You might get stuck with back-to-back chairing due to missed meetings. Suck it up.
  • we would like to set up webx "working group" meetings to review other sites' methods and interfaces for the types of queries we will run. We should use Jane's flowcharts: AmiGO_workflows

Feb 20th, 2007


None Specified


  • Ben - new servers on schedule, Stuart confirms we will switch over wed. afternoon (PDT)
  • Rotating meeting chairs debate: We will just rotate chairs week-by-week.

See: Revised Rota for chairing AWG meetings

  • Seth is tweaking autocomplete.
  • Jane does not like Princeton GO slim mapper - doesn't show division of GPs into slim catgories.
  • Seth not sure if Chris' API handles shows the genes mappings or just numbers.
  • dividing lines between amigo1/amigo2. - should slim mapper be integrated into 1.0 vs. 2.0.
  • Ben - if we release seperately, we should freeze dev. on amigo 1. Would people care if we stopped developing amigo 1.0? Similar question with autocomplete - we shouldn't back add this to amigo 1.0.
  • How complete is map2slim? Jane will look at it once Seth repairs it.
  • Comments on term finder - separate ontologies, other comments?
  • Demo of term finder - should we have filters by individual evidence codes? Should we keep them there for educational purposes? How to handle different types of identifiers? Even synoymns of valid go gene products? Expected outputs? Coming soon, connecting term finder and map2slim?
  • Wiki page organization screwed up by Category:Amigo working group. Jane will make a new Amigo working group page (w/out category)