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The goal of the Reference Genome Project is to provide high-quality functional annotations for gene products from twelve diverse, well-characterized model organisms, so that those annotations may be used to effectively contribute towards the automatic annotation efforts of other genomes. More information can be found at the GO Reference Genome site.

This page is a list of all homolog sets currently in the GO database. Each family summary line contains an entry for each of the twelve Reference Genome species. In each entry, there is a list of the gene products for that species that have an identified homolog and a key indicating the best available evidence for that annotation (see below).

In addition, each gene family summary contains both a static and interactive graphical representation of the gene products in the homolog set. For more information about the interactive graphical view, including requirements, please see the AmiGO documentation.


EXP (experimental) label

Indicates that there is at least one annotation to a term that has direct experimental evidence. There may be other non-experimental annotations as well.

ISS label

Indicates that there are no annotations based on direct experimental data, and at least one annotation by sequence similarity (ISS). There may be other non-experimental and non-ISS annotations as well.

OTHER label

Annotations that are neither experimental nor ISS or one of its sub-classes. Typically TAS or NAS.

(blank) entry

Indicates that there is currently no homolog for that species.