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Rachael Huntley (UniProt-GOA)

Rama Balakrishnan (SGD)

Annotation Consistency

Annotation calls

We continue to discuss annotation issues on our biweekly annotation calls. Subjects can be anything from new annotation guidelines, quality control checks, ontology or evidence code-related discussions, tool development or updates from annotating groups.

Some of the discussion we have had this year include;

Jenkins reports: Jenkins validates GAF files for both hard and soft QC checks and generates reports. Groups are reminded via email to check the reports for their GAF files and to correct any errors.

Annotation extension: Discussion on the correct use of relationships in col-16. Consistency exercises have been provided on several calls where we discuss specific annotations using extensions with the aim of reaching a consensus on how to annotate the example.

Discussion of use of pipe vs coma in the With/From Field for IPI and IGI evidence codes

Protein oligomerization terms: Use of these terms is inconsistent. We would like to provide guidelines on how to annotate using these terms. Options include using PRO IDs in the annotation extension field or annotating directly to a complex ID (when this facility is in place). The ontology is being overhauled in this area.

E1, E2, E3 Ub ligase terms: Overhaul of these terms and discussion on how to reannotate Small conjugating Guidelines for annotating complexes as objects Use of ECO terms for evidence