Annotation Call September 23, 2014

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Ub/Ub-like functions (David H)

1) We need annotator feedback on the fate of 'ubiquitin thiolesterase activity' (GO:0004221). This term can either be obsoleted or merged into 'ubiquitinyl hydrolase activity' (GO:0036459). There has been an observation that many of the annotations to (GO:0004221) could actually be transferred to 'ubiquitin-specific protease activity' (GO:0004843). Annotators will need to reexamine the annotations to GO:0004221 and reannotate to either GO:0036459 or GO:0004843. See SF items:#11094 and #10519

2) Moving along with the E1,E2, E3 terms, GO:0019787 small conjugating protein ligase activity suffers from the same issues as the original ubiquitin ligase terms. We need to revamp the MF ontology for the other small proteins in the same way that we did for the ubiquitin activating, ligase and conjugating enzymes. Looking at annotations to GO:0019787, it appears that all three types of enzyme activity have been annotated using this term. We need to go back and reexamine those annotations once this part of the ontology has been cleaned up. See SF item #11026


GOC agenda items

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IPI guidelines

Please take a look at the proposed guidelines sent to the GO email list on 15th September and feed back with suggestions.