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New ECO term for inferencing pipeline

The InterOntology inferencing pipeline will get new ECO terms.

  • The 2 first codes would distinguish between annotations inferred from manual and automated annotations:

- evidence based on logical inference from manual annotation used in automatic assertion - evidence based on logical inference from electronic annotation used in automatic assertion Both terms belong in the "automatic assertion" part of the ontology, and should be descendants of ECO:0000501, because the pipeline that generates the inferred annotations is an automatic one.

The third code, "evidence based on logical inference used in automatic assertion", would be a parent of the other two. Adding such a parent, though it would not be used directly in the annotations themselves, would make it easier for processing the rules in the eco-usage-constraints [1] file (which associates evidence codes with the values allowed in the with_string): we'd have only one entry in the file and the rule would be automatically propagated to the subclasses.

  • IEA will be used in regular GAFs and ECO in the GPAD. The GOID that was used for the inference will be in the With/From column for the IEAs
  • Once the ECO term is available the scripts that generate these inferences will make this change. There will be enough notice!

New Term Genie templates

Two new templates are now ready to use in the TermGenie (TG) tool to request new GO terms:

Template: cellular component binding Description: binding of a cellular component

Template: cellular component organization Description: organization of a cellular component

These templates can be found using the text search box, or expanding the 'Molecular Function' or 'Processes' tree respectively.

The TermGenie tool is available at http://go.termgenie.org/. An online manual is here: http://go.termgenie.org/help/index.html There is also a TG help desk: help@go.termgenie.org

miRNA guidelines (Rachael and others)


use of 'regulation of activity' (UCL group)