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(Ontology updates)
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===transcription terms===
===transcription terms===
===No merges===
==cell lines and cell types in col-16==
==cell lines and cell types in col-16==

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github accounts

As Chris mentioned in an email SF, ontology will be moving to github (software is already in github). Please get an account in github. More details to follow. https://github.com/geneontology/go-site/wiki/GitHub-pointers-for-GO-Consortium-members

Ontology updates

ion channels

Update on ion channels. Background: http://wiki.geneontology.org/index.php/Annotation_Conf._Call,_May_12,_2015#Ion_channels-_Ontology_overhaul_.28David.29_2

Based on discussion at the previous annotation call and among editors, below is a revised proposal. This hasn't been implemented in the ontology yet.

1) The recently created terms:

  • non-selective anion channel activity
  • non-selective cation channel activity

will be obsoleted (reason: added in error). Unless (see very end of proposal).

2) All existing terms under 'ion channel activity' will be meant to be agnostic to the notion of selectivity or non-selectivity, that is, their definitions will simply state that the channel is capable of passing a given ion, regardless as to whether only that specific ion can pass through, or whether other ions can pass as well:

  • we will remove 'selective' from the definition (as in "Enables the selective, facilitated diffusion of...");
  • we will remove synonyms containing the 'specific' string (e.g. 'chloride-specific channel activity');
  • we will add 'non-selective anion channel activity' as a narrow synonym to 'anion channel activity';
  • we will add 'non-selective cation channel activity' as a narrow synonym to 'cation channel activity'.

3) We will create new terms for selective channels. This should be done on a case-by-case basis. We could either draw a list of known selective channels, or use the list of non-selective channels that Huaiyu had offered to provide. Also see point 4) below about annotations.

  • These new terms would be called e.g. 'selective calcium channel activity' and
  • would be given exact synonyms e.g. 'calcium-specific channel activity'.
  • The definitions would read "Enables the selective, facilitated diffusion of...".

4) Annotations:

If we go this route, all current annotations would be correct, though some of them (the ones to selective channels) would not be as granular as they could. These are the ones we'd want to re-annotate. General rules for annotating ion channels should be:

  • If a paper gives evidence that a channel is selective for a given ion (or if the curator knows from prior knowledge), the channel component(s) should be annotated to a selective term, e.g. 'selective calcium channel activity'. If the term doesn't exist, the curator should request it.
  • If a paper shows that a channel passes a given ion, but does not specify if the channel is selective for that ion or not (or if the curator does not know from prior knowledge), the channel component(s) should be annotated to one of the existing term as appropriate, e.g. 'calcium channel activity'.
  • If a paper shows that a channel passes more than one ion and is therefore non-selective (e.g. TRP channels let sodium, potassium and calcium through), the channel component(s) should be annotated to as many existing terms as appropriate (e.g. all three 'sodium channel activity', 'potassium channel activity' and 'calcium channel activity' provided the paper shows experiments for all of them!).

5) End results:

  • Selective channel proteins could be pulled out as such => gain of information;
  • Non-selective channels would not be pulled out as such; the assumption would be that if selectivity isn't specified, the channel is either non-selective or of unknown specificity. If this is unwelcome, we could leave the recently created terms 'non-selective anion channel activity' and 'non-selective cation channel activity' in the ontology, and ask curators to move their existing annotations there if they belong to the list of non-selective channels provided by Huaiyu.

Any comments please?

transcription terms

No merges

cell lines and cell types in col-16

Report from MGI

June Consistency paper

UCL has picked a paper for this month's exercise. Please send Ruth your annotations in an excel sheet. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=23954377