Annotation Conf. Call 2015-10-13

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Use MOD identifiers in col-16 (DavidH)

I'd like to propose that whenever we are referring to a gene object from one of the groups that contributes annotations to the GOC, we use the identifier from that group in column 16 values. Currently, there are several different ways that groups refer to gene objects: sometimes by NCBI_genes (Onecut3), ENSEMBL identifiers (Arntl), MGI identifiers (Dlx6os1).

DoNot Annotate annotation property (MelanieC)

I would like if possible to discuss an old ticket on the GOA Jira, "do not automatically annotate". This was initially suggested I believe by Rachael/Ruth and discussed in Texas. The use case was preventing some electronic pipelines, such as the Ensembl one, to automatically project annotations that we think could be valid if manually reviewed only. Ruth's example was human behaviour which can't be inferred from the same behaviour in mice, but could be nonetheless valid if manually annotated based on an other existing paper.

Current status: - implementing a "do not automatically annotate" is not trivial - the only use case identified is the human behaviour one described above - we (GOA) are taking over the Ensembl pipeline.

I would like to know if other curators can foresee a use case for "do not automatically annotate", in which case it may be worth considering adding it. Otherwise, I would like to suggest we don't.

Curation consistency exercise

Zfin's turn to pick a paper.