Annotation Conf. Call 2015-10-27

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Annotation Consistency Exercise

Annotation consistency paper picked by ZFIN- PMID:24430697

Choice of paper-motivation: discussing the use of IGI as evidence code. When should we use IGI?

- mutation in gene A is rescued by a mutation in gene B
- mutation in gene A is rescued by over-expression in gene

In this paper, how do we capture

- the repression of transcriptional activation activity of tbx5a by kctd10?
- the information about has2

Summary of the paper (PMID:24430697) - mutants in kctd10 show heart defects (heart looping, atrioventricular canal development) Note: phenotypes determined by

- analysis of heart morphology
- gene expression analysis of genes known to be expressed in specific part of the heart).

[Fig 1, 2, 3]

- downregulation of tbx5a or has 2 (using MO) rescue kctd10 mutant heart phenotypes. [Fig 4]

- in vitro experiments [Fig5]:

- luciferase reporter assay
kctd10 inhibits tbx5 transcriptional activity
- Co-IP ; Pull down assay:
tbx5a and kctd10 physically interact with each other.