Annotation Conf. Call 2016-08-23

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Upcoming Meetings

Next GOC Meeting - USC, Los Angeles, CA, November 4-6, 2016

  • Please indicate on the Meeting Logistics Page if you plan to come.
  • We are now planning a one-day Noctua/LEGO training session for the Monday (November 7th) following the general consortium meeting. Please indicate on the logistics page if you are definitely staying for that so Paul T. can arrange for a meeting room.

UK LEGO/Noctua Training

  • There will be a LEGO/Noctua training session in Hinxton, UK from Wednesday, 8/31 - Friday, 9/2.
  • Logistics
  • Agenda

Annotation Consistency Exercise

Gene Name (col 2) GO ID and term name (col 5) Evidence (col 7) With/From (col 8) Annotation Extension (col 16)
SET1 GO:1903341 regulation of meiotic DNA DSB formation IMP
SET1 GO:0080182 histone H3-K4 trimethylation IDA
SWD3 GO:0044648 histone H3-K4 dimethylation IMP
SWD3 GO:0080182 histone H3-K4 trimethylation IMP