Annotation Conf. Call 2017-04-11

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Bluejeans URL


GOC Meeting, Corvallis, Oregon, June 1-3 (plus workshops June 4-5), 2017

Jenkins Pipeline

PAINT Annotation Queries/Disputes Now in Github

  • Tracking PAINT-related annotation queries/disputes in github
  • Example

Ontology Terms that Refer to Specific Gene Products

Proposed new Biological Process Annotation Qualifiers

  • Use of Regulation Terms
  • Gene products annotated to regulation term but no MF annotation
  • Gene products annotated to both a process and regulation of that process

Working Groups

HTP Experiments

Transcription Decision Tree


  • On call: Alice, Chris, Emily, George, Guilia, Helen, Judy, Midori, Moni, Pascale, Petra, Rachael, Shur-Jen, Stan, Tanya, Terry, Suzi, Stacia

Call Agendas on Github

  • Will post meeting agenda on github so we can coordinate tickets with actionable items from calls/meetings

GOC Meeting - Corvallis, Oregon, June

  • Register on Pankaj's Google site
  • Also, please add your name to the table at the bottom of the agenda wiki page
  • Agenda is currently a bit free-form, please add your items and the PIs will review and structure
  • Next ontology editors call, editors will discuss what to present in Oregon

Redundant F-P Links

  • AI: Create a new ticket, since the existing one has veered in several directions and is a bit confusing
  • F-P links were always intended to just create annotations, using the same evidence code, for terms linked via the ontology
    • Some groups could not handle the inter-ontology links, so the annotations were generated
  • Some duplicates do get generated
    • MGI removes exact duplicates
  • PomBase noticed that less specific terms were being generated
  • Should this be corrected in the code that generates the F-P propagated term?
    • Suzi - yes
  • Some groups do make redundant annotations, even if to a less granular term
  • Multiple annotations can indicate confidence in a given area of the ontology
  • Redundancy should not affect enrichment analysis
  • AI: Need to have better documentation about what will be generated by the inference pipelines
  • Also note we still have the related issue of getting different annotations between Jenkins run remotely vs locally

PAINT Annotation Disputes Tracked Centrally in Github

  • Previously, these issues where tracked in SourceForge
  • Please create tickets on github geneontology/go-annotation
  • Does this create extra work for Protein2GO users?
  • Goal is trying to create a centralized place where PAINT GO annotations queries/disputes can be tracked
  • Annotation queries can come from within GO or outside (e.g. users)
  • Is it worthwhile to record all annotation queries/disputes in github for the sake of internal documentation?