Annotation Conf. Call 2017-07-25

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Annotation Guidelines for Modified-Protein Binding

  • Pascale and Sylvain will present the guidelines for annotating to modified-protein binding terms

GO Slims

  • AGR is including a GO slim on the gene pages
  • Launch date for AGR 1.0 is October 2017
  • Need feedback on GO Slim and ribbon display on gene pages
  • Mary Dolan will provide an overview of the methodology used to generate the slim

Signaling Project

  • Update on what pathways have been claimed
  • Update on progress to date, github tickets
    • MAPK - David H.
      • Examining gene products annotated to the process with no experimental support for known MFs
      • Thinking about how to define the beginning and parts of the pathway
    • Ca2+ Signaling (?)
    • GPCR - Pascale, Petra
      • Some ontology tickets have been addressed
      • Needs global annotation review
      • Needs GO-CAM model
    • Reminder - discussion on specific github tickets, not on project page