Annotation Conf. Call 2017-11-14

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Meeting URL


Ontology Term Requests

  • Refresher on information required for term requests:
    • Term name
    • Parents
    • Term definition
    • Reference(s)
  • If you need help with parentage or definitions, the ontology editors can help with this, but please make a first-pass at parentage and defs to help expedite the ticket.

Annotation QC

  • Manual annotation to uninformative high-level terms is strongly discouraged
    • See: improving specificity by banning high level terms #1648
    • For example: direct annotation to 'transport' (GO:0006810) is one case where a more specific annotation can likely be made
    • In AmiGO, there are 53 experimentally supported annotations to 'transport'.
    • Can groups check these annotations to see if a more granular term is appropriate?
    • Annotations according to group:
 (8) EcoCyc
 (7) EcoliWiki
 (7) MGI
 (7) PseudoCAP
 (6) SGD
 (5) UniProt
 (4) BHF-UCL
 (3) RGD
 (3) TAIR
 (2) GR
 (1) SynGO
  • PomBase has a list of >1300 high-level terms that have a 'do not manually annotate' flag
  • The proposal is to work through this list so annotations are consistent amongst all GOC members

Ontology Updates

GOC Meetings Cambridge


  • On call:

Annotation QC

  • Action Item: Need curators to review experimental annotations to 'transport'
  • Report back on any annotations that can't reasonably be transferred to a more granular term
  • We will continue to look at the PomBase list and prioritize additional flags and error checks

Ontology Updates

  • Will merge DNA binding transcription factor activity into nucleic acid binding transcription factor activity
  • Goal: trying to more easily distinguish 'general' transcription factors (generally only described wrt pol II TFs) from specific, regulatory TFs
  • Pascale will tag groups/people if annotations need review
  • Pascale, Karen, Paul T. will discuss further

GOC Cambridge Meetings

Signaling Pathways

  • Will follow-up on signaling workshop with items using the go-annotation tracker

HTP Evidence Codes

  • Helen will finish updating guidelines
  • How doe the HTP evidence codes map up to existing GO evidence codes?
    • They are in a separate branch, although still experimental.