Annotation Conf. Call 2017-12-12

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Meeting URL



  • Report on missing orcids and groups in users.yaml file
  • users.yaml
  • groups.yaml
    • Some groups still need to be added, e.g. UniProt (GOA, Swiss-Prot)
  • Please keep in mind that the report is generated as part of the new build and a new attempt is made every night.
  • This means that:
    • 1) if the load fails the report may not be there (which is a good thing)
    • 2) there will times every day during regeneration when the report is not yet there

github review

  • go-annotation tracker is used for issues and project management related to the annotation working group
  • Types of issues:
    • Annotation review
    • PAINT annotation/family review
    • Keyword mapping questions, e.g. InterPro2GO
    • Questions about annotation practice
    • Requests/proposals for annotation guidelines
  • Use of labels
    • Please always add a label to your issue
    • Trying to simplify the list of labels
    • Removed some that were overlapping, not applicable to this repo
    • Would like to move from using group labels to tracking submission via author
      • is:issue author:vanaukenk
  • All curators who need to work on an issue should be listed in the Assignee field
    • Remove your name from the list when you've addressed or complete the work
  • Notifications
    • Not watching - will be notified when you are specifically mentioned (@yourname) or comment
    • Watching - will be notified of all activity

Annotation Review

Signaling Project

Canonical Wnt Signaling Pathway

HTP annotations

  • Continue to check and update evidence codes as needed.

Progress Reports