Annotation Conf. Call 2018-03-27

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GOC Meeting, NYU, New York, NY, May 12-14th

  • Reminder to register, and reserve your hotel room before April 6th if staying at the Shelburne NYC
  • Logistics
  • Agenda

20th Anniversary GO Meeting, Montreal, CA

  • Dates set for Oct 17-20

Updates on Projects

Evidence Codes


  • Review RCA evidence code - Please can the groups listed below review their RCA annotations and decide if they'd still like to keep them and if RCA is still the appropriate evidence code?
    • Thank you to everyone who has reviewed their existing RCA annotations.
    • Many RCA annotations were removed, but some groups are keeping annotations from papers that use methodology consistent with the definition of RCA.
    • Since these annotations come from papers, the originally proposed one-year restriction does not make sense and will not be an annotation rule.
      • Please send Kimberly PMIDs for papers that were kept for use as examples in our evidence code documentation.
    • That said, periodic annotation review is always a good idea.
    • Remaining groups will be contacted individually.

Annotating High Throughput Experiments

Annotation Survey

  • We are putting together a survey on annotation practices across the GOC
  • Should be ready very soon
  • Would like results before the GOC meeting in NY


  • Next call tomorrow, Wednesday, March 28th at 11:00am EDT (see Google calendar)

Protein Complexes Working Group

  • Next call on Monday, April 23rd at 1:10pm EDT (see Google calendar)


  • On call: Chris, David H., Dustin, Edith, Giulia, Harold, Helen, Jim, Judy, Karen, Kevin, Kimberly, Li, Midori, Pascale, Penelope, Petra, Rachael, Rob, Sabrina, Sage, Stan, Suzi A., Suzi L.

GOC Meeting, NYU, New York, NY, May 12-14th

  • Register and reserve your hotel room before April 6th if staying at the Shelburne NYC
  • If you have any issues with reserving a room, please contact Peter D'Eustachio right away

Updates on Projects

MAPK Signaling

  • Some ontology updates to how MAPK signaling pathways are named in GO
  • Upcoming: annotation review for potentially re-housing annotations according to the new MAPK pathway terms
  • Some existing annotations to upstream genes may need to be re-housed