Annotation Conf. Call 2018-05-22

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Meeting URL


Annotation Review

Cyclic nucleotide metabolic process and child terms (from GPCR signaling work)

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Canonical Wnt Signaling

MAPK Cascade

Extracellular Matrix

GOC Meeting - NYC



  • Presentations and slides are available in the GO's Google drive
    • If you presented and your slides are not here, please add them.


  • SAB followed the GOC meeting
  • Report to come soon

Annotation Survey Results


  • Next call tomorrow, Wednesday, May 23rd at 11:00am EDT (see Google calendar)


  • On call: Barbara, Giulia, Harold, Karen, Kimberly, Li, Liz, Pascale, Petra, Sabrina, Shur-Jen, Suzi L, Tanya

Annotation Review

  • We should include ISS annotations in our annotation review pipeline.
  • Protein2GO checks that the gene product referenced in the With/From for an ISS annotation still has a valid annotation.
  • We still have older ISS annotations with nothing in the With/From column; these should be reviewed and removed, or updated, as appropriate.

Cyclic nucleotide metabolic process and child terms (from GPCR signaling work)

  • Proposal is to obsolete these BP terms.
  • One issue:
    • Papers that describe a mutant phenotype that results in less cAMP; there is no in vitro assay for the enzymatic activity.
    • Is this sufficient evidence to make an IMP annotation to the MF, adenylate cyclase activity, if the gene product has similarity to known adenylate cyclases?
    • Have the cyclic nucleotide metabolic process terms been used in the With/From for IC annotations?
    • Papers may show the effects on level of cyclic nucleotides, but no effect on a specific signaling pathway.
  • AI: Add links to ontology tickets, and more rationale, to annotation review tickets.