Annotation Conf. Call 2019-02-12

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Meeting URL

  • Please see the GO's Google calendar.
  • Contact Kimberly if you do not have access.


GOC Meeting, Cambridge, UK

  • Thursday, April 11th and Friday, April 12th
  • 1/2 day shorter than our usual meetings
  • Logistics
  • Agenda - start Google doc?

New GOC Website

  • Congrats to all who worked on getting the new GOC website out to production
  • Any additional comments, feedback, questions?

Annotation Pipeline

  • Annotation reports on snapshot, current
  • Any comments, feedback, questions?

Ontology Requests

  • Ontology editors are collaborating with the Rhea database to align GO and Rhea (and Reactome).
  • For enzymatic activities, please check for an existing Rhea reaction xref and add to your request.

References for GO Annotations

GOC Progress Report

  • Reminder about PMC submission for all articles associated with the GOC grant progress report

GOC Hackathon - Berkeley, January 28th - February 1st

  • Working meeting held in Berkeley to develop SOP for importing a MOD's worth of GO annotation into Noctua as gene-centric GO-CAMs
  • Details on the outcome of this meeting will be presented on next week's GO-CAM call


  • On call: Barbara, Chris, David, Dmitry, Dustin, Edith, Giulia, Helen, Harold, Karen, Kevin M, Kimberly, Li, Michele, Midori, Monika, Patrick N, Rob, Sabrina, Shur-Jen, Seth, Stacia, Suzi A, Tanya, Laurent-Philippe, Petra