Annotation Conf. Call 2019-09-24

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October GOC Meeting - Berkeley


  • There have been some glitches with the GOC pipeline.
  • New ontology terms may not be available for use yet.
  • Software team is aware of the issues and working on restoring the pipeline to its regular schedule.
  • Any updates here?

GO-CAMs and Annotation Extensions

  • After USC hackathon in June, we formed a small working group to fully articulate the GO-CAM model specifications
  • This will allow for consistent GO-CAM curation using Noctua workbenches, import projects (e.g. Reactome and MOD imports)
  • Will also allow us to move forward with harmonizing AE relations used in GO-CAM and conventional annotation

Ontology Updates and Annotation Reviews

Protein multimerization terms

  • How are the reviews going?
  • Next terms up: protein homodimerization, protein heterodimerization (non-IPI evidence codes)


  • Present: