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Curators should use has input to capture inputs/substrates/targets of Molecular Functions



Identifies an entity directly affected (bound, transported, modified, consumed or destroyed) by the gene product's participation in a Molecular Function or Biological Process.

To use this relationship there must be evidence that the gene product in column 2 is known/predicted to bind the molecular target in column 16.
This can be a co-immunoprecipitation (for example) demonstrated in the paper being annotated, or from evidence available in another paper, or from evidence of protein interactions which have been demonstrated in another paper for orthologous molecules.

Without evidence of a relevant interaction use the relationship has_input


directly_localizes (NARROW)

has_direct_target (EXACT)

has_substrate (NARROW)

==Child terms==

* None

==Scope of use==


BFO:0000007 ! process (Biological Process or Molecular Function) 


[[ENTITY_UNION:0000005]] ! chemical, gene product, or complex

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