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The annotated gene product participates in a Biological Process or executes a Molecular Function only in presence of substance

Child terms

Scope of use


BFO:0000007 ! process (Biological Process or Molecular Function)


CHEBI:24431 ! chemical entity

Annotation Extension Usage Examples

Gene product has activity only when a particular substance is present

Statement in paper;

We investigated whether the reducing equivalents required for the presumed peroxidase activity of PrxV could be provided by the Trx system (Trx, TrxR, and NADPH) or the Grx system (Grx, GSH, GSH reductase, and NADPH). The rate of H2O2 degradation was measured by monitoring the decrease in A340 attributable to the oxidation of NADPH. PrxV catalyzed the H2O2-dependent oxidation of NADPH in the presence of the Trx system (Fig. 3)...In contrast, the Grx system did not support the H2O2-dependent oxidation of NADPH by PrxV.

Gene Name (col 2) GO ID (col 5) Reference (col 6) Evidence (col 7) Annotation Extension (col 16)
P30044-2 GO:0051920 peroxiredoxin activity PMID:10751410 IDA

requires_substance(CHEBI:15033 thioredoxin)

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