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Is ISO manual or not?

(Pascale) Our guidelines and what the different groups do (MGI and RGD) need to be clarified. See see The what, where, how and why of gene ontology--a primer for bioinformaticians.PMID: 21330331 - where it correctly (according to our guidelines) says that ISOs are manual.

Are metallochaperones regulators?

(Pascale) See CSS copper chaperone MGI


Pascale: I have just annotated a PANTHER family - PTHR21304 [1] It's conserved in most euks, and has no know function. HTP experiments in Arabidopsis, cerevisiae and mouse found it in the mitochondria, and there is no conflicting data (ie, did not come up in HTP for nucleus, etc). I annotated the family to mitochondria - is this okay?


See PMID20170636

  • They have a gene encoding an enzyme, UDP-GlcNAc:Glycoprotein N-acetylglucosamine-1-phosphotransferase
  • Cell extracts from a KO lack the activity (Table 1). (MF = IMP)
  • I would be a bit careful making this annotation - however since this is a unique gene in the genome, I think the cell extract experiment is sufficiently convincing (~ IGC). What do others think?

  • GOC meeting agenda - annotation items?
  • External annotation display guidelines; circulate?
  • GOC annotation camp guidelines; start encouraging write-ups for final documentation.
  • Email items to the annotation list that were not covered at last Tues call?