April 2015 GOC Teleconference Agenda and Logistics

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  • Call runs April 1, from 11am to 12:30pm EDT
  • Call-in information / screen sharing: We will use Bluejeans teleconferencing software for audio and video and WILL NOT use the GO conference line. We will use Bluejeans for screen sharing also. If attendees have a question they should post it on the chat window and they will answered in order.


Introduction (11:00 - 11:05) (GO PI's)

Discussion of priorities for calendar year 2015 (11:05 - 11:30) (GO PI's)

Talk by Paul Pavlidis, UBC (11:30 - 12:05)

The use of GO in data analysis: can we raise the bar?

Other agenda items (12:05 - 12:30)

  • Update on AmiGO/GO website Behave testing framework (Mary/Seth/Chris)
  • Annotating complexes as objects, producing a separate GAF for complexes, educating users about these annotations
  • Training curators on LEGO


Please sign up so we know who can attend.

Name Organization
Rama Balakrishnan Stanford University, SGD
David Hill Jackson Labs, MGI
Kimberly Cal Tech, Wormbase