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GO Editorial Office Report - August 2005

SourceForge items

  • Items opened: 66
  • Closed by editorial office: 49
(note: no SF items closed by anyone outside GO-Ed. this month)
  • Items in progress, assigned to editorial office: 57
(Note: SF progress is down this month because we've been working on the NAR paper and the users meeting.)

See monthly report in CVS for ontology statistics.

Content topics in progress:

  • Cell cycle (Amelia)
  • Development (Jen)
    • axonogenesis
    • neurogenesis
  • Terms for TAIR (Jen; some finished)
  • Transporters (Jen & Jane)

Content topics resolved:

  • mainly small things for SourceForge entries

other activities


  • Users meeting
    • 23 abstracts (counting ours)
    • draft program on web
  • Planning for content meeting (Nov 15-16, 2005, TIGR)

Annotation outreach

  • Jen converting material to database


  • NAR manuscript in progress (nearly done; this has been the biggest thing this month)
  • Work on book chapter 'Gene Ontology and Parasites' - outline
(Jane, with Matt Berriman)

Anything else

  • mips2go mapping update still in progress (Jane)
  • IMG terms to GO mapping in progress; meeting with Victor planned (Jane)
  • AmiGO working group still active, though somewhat less so than last month (Amelia & Jane)
  • New QC script being prepared to isolate more errors in the ontology flat file (Amelia)
  • Manuscript review - book chapter (Midori)
  • Another quiet month on the on mailing list; a few queries addressed (Midori & Jane)
  • A few small web page fixes
  • Updates to the OBO site, including automatic download of various ontologies (Amelia)
  • GO Bibliography up to 600 entries!