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11th November

Jennifer Deegan

In a meeting today at the Editorial Office we figured out who will be responsible for which cross products file. I am responsible for the 'biological_process_xp_self' file.

I am to read through the file and check the biological content of the intersection tags. Any edits are to be made by hand in the file, but OBO-Edit2 is currently able to be used as a browser. Where specific domain knowledge is needed I can send list of terms to people who have the correct expertise.

The hope is that these cross products should be in the editors file by the beginning of January and in the public domain by the end of March.

12th November

I have started trying to work with the files. I loaded up the files list in my import file and made the following notes about what happened.


When I load the files I get two orphans at the top. They are
ID = obol:culmination and
ID = interphase_by_interphase_microtubule_organizing_center

Verification manager warnings on load:

culmination during sorocarp development (GO:0031154) generated 2 warnings:
 The term culmination during sorocarp development (GO:0031154) links to the dangling identifier obol:culmination  The cross product definition of culmination during sorocarp development (GO:0031154) refers to a dangling parent /obol:culmination\. derived_into (OBO_REL:derived_into) generated 1 warning:  The term derived_into (OBO_REL:derived_into) links to the secondary identifier OBO_REL:derives_from has_improper_part (OBO_REL:has_improper_part) generated 1 warning:  The term has_improper_part (OBO_REL:has_improper_part) links to the obsolete term improper_part_of (OBO_REL:improper_part_of) improper_part_of (OBO_REL:improper_part_of) generated 1 warning:  The term improper_part_of (OBO_REL:improper_part_of) links to the obsolete term has_improper_part (OBO_REL:has_improper_part) interphase microtubule nucleation by interphase microtubule organizing center (GO:0051415) generated 2 warnings:  The term interphase microtubule nucleation by interphase microtubule organizing center (GO:0051415) links to the dangling identifier interphase_by_interphase_microtubule_organizing_center  The cross product definition of interphase microtubule nucleation by interphase microtubule organizing center (GO:0051415) refers to a dangling parent /interphase_by_interphase_microtubule_organizing_center\.

OBO-Edit bugs:

If I do a link search for anything that has is intersection then the last column of the results is very wide and cannot be made smaller.

Selecting things in the link search results panel does not result in them being shown in the OTE or in the Graph viewer. The OTE moves to a new place but there is no way of knowing which term I should be looking at.

The tab on the text editor has it's name text much smaller than the text on all the other component tabs.

OBO-Edit ran out of memory and crashed even with the reasoner off on my mac. Components: 1 OTE, Graphviz Viewer, Graph viewer, text editor, link search + one results panel. The cause of the crash was the graph viewer trying to display a term. This also happens if I load the files and have a link search + results, a term search (unused), a graph viewer and a parent editor.

Search doesn't remember config settings over restart