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  • To add items to the calendar, go to [1] and log in (email Eurie for the password).

Proposed Meetings

JGI Users Meeting

March 28-30, 2007
Marriott Hotel
Walnut Creek, California


The target audience for this meeting is JGI users and collaborators and new users. JGI sequences a wide variety of pro and eukaryotic genomes upon requests from users/scientists and conducts jamborees to help users make structural annotations (gene models). Most of these users are expected to attend this User meeting. It would be good if GO can do a outreach presentation/tutorial since many of these people have genomes that are ready to be annotated.


Systems Biology and the Environment

April 22-23, 2007
Seattle, Washington


The target audience for this meeting is researchers in the areas of energy sources, interactions between the environment and microbial communities, plant systems biology, biological responses to extreme environments, biodiversity, toxicology, and infectious disease. It would be good if GO can be present to encourage this group to use the GO & the SO (in addition to the other ontologies they may need). Many of these people will be sequencing and annotating genomes and then assessing function.


Interactome Networks

August 29 - September 1, 2007
Wellcome Trust Centre
Hinxton, UK


The audience for this meeting are high-throughput biologists and computational biologists. I went to this meeting last year and found many very powerful uses of GO (integration of HTP data to predict GO annotations) as well as inappropriate and inaccurate uses of GO (emphasis on how many levels from the root, ignoring genes that had not been annotated). In addition, many groups are comparing HTP interactions against curated datasets of complexes but they are not using GO protein complexes. It seems that this would be a good meeting to have some sort of mini-workshop about uses of GO, where to get GO annotation data, and get user feedback about the sort of issues/problems they have with using GO.



Septetmber 3-5, 2007
Sofitel Hotel
Brisbane, Australia


This is the major annual meeting for the microarray community, which includes significant consumers of GO annotations and a large number of tool developers.

From the meeting page: "This year the 10th annual Microarray and Gene Expression Data Society (MGED) meeting will be hosted along with the 7th Annual Australasian Microarray and Associated Technologies Association (AMATA) conference. This multi-disciplinary forum will showcase recent advances in genome sciences and provide excellent opportunities for scientists to exchange information and know-how on performing and analysing Microarray based and Associated Technologies... Proposed sessions this year will cover such topics as Transcriptomics, The integration of Genetics and Genomics, Systems biology and Genomic applications of next generation sequencing technology [and] workshops focussed on tool use and data interrogation."

-Midori (and Helen Parkinson)


Sept 26-27, 2007 Princeton, NJ.

-Rex New page