Cardiac conduction

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Venue and date

UCL, date to be agreed

  • aiming for Sept-Nov 2011

Working group

GO curators and editors: David, Ruth, Doug, Tanya, Becky, Paola, Stan Expert scientists: Agreed to attend:

  • Prof Peter Scambler <> (if needed)
  • Prof Shoumo Bhattacharya <>
  • Prof Paul Riley <>

Waiting for reply:

  • Ross A Breckenridge <>

To contact: Prof Andrew Tinker <> Dr Pier Lambiase <> Consultant Cardiologist

Pre-workshop meetings

  1. Satallite meeting during GOC meeting, May 2011 LA
    • probably straight after main meeting closes on 19th May
    • David, Ruth, Doug, Tanya, Becky, Paola, Stan
    • Please let Ruth know if interested in attending workshop/pre-meeting