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Cardiovascular GO Annotation Initiative, UCL site

Cardiovascular GO Annotation Initiative, GOC site

Rat Genome Database Cardiovascular Portal for Rat, Human and Mouse genes

Workshop for the development of the GO terms relating to Heart Development

2010 planning meeting

A Cardiovascular annotation group has formed to focus on the annotation of genes associated with heart development and cardiovascular processes. The annotation of human genes associated with cardiovascular processes is funded by the British Heart Foundation grant SP/07/007/23671

We have defined a list gene products of highest interest to Cardiovascular researchers (see Defining CV-associated gene list for more information). This list includes over 4000 genes of which we prioritized 250 of these genes for annotation in the first year (see Priority Cardiovascular genes for the wiki gene records).

We would be grateful for any suggestions from cardiovascular scientists on the genes that should be included in full gene list or for gene specific information, such as publications or GO terms missing from a gene record. These suggestions can either be sent through our feedback form or by email or

Along with annotating genes associated with cardiovascular processes we are also creating new GO terms. Please use these links for a full list of cardivascular relevant GO term requests, or open cardiovascular relevant GO term requests. You will need to register with SouceForge to access these pages, which is a simple process. Once registered you will be able to comment on these new GO terms.

Useful links

Full list of cardiovascular associated genes

UCL cardiovascular page

Priority Cardiovascular genes

The ITMAT Gene List (approximately 2200 genes) was compiled by the ITMAT/Broad/CARE (IBC CHIP) Vascular Disease 50k SNP Array Consortia

Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes KEGG

Protein ANalysis THrough Evolutionary Relationships PANTHER



RGD has completed a Cardiovascular Disease Portal initiative in which genes associated with cardiovascular diseases, related phenotypes, biological processes and relevant pathways were prioritized for full curation including comprehensive GO annotation. This provides a great starting point for others who wish to do similar initiatives. [1]