Collaboration with MIT GO-Engineering

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The MIT group has used an algorithm to label GO nodes as too general or too specific based on the structure of the graph and the amount of annotation to terms. We are collaborating with them to examine their suggestions and modify the GO as needed.


  • David Hill (GO)
  • Jane Lomax (GO)
  • Midori Harris (GO)
  • Chris Mungall (GO)
  • Judith Blake (GO)
  • Jonathan Liu (MIT)
  • Gil Alterovitz (MIT)
  • Marco Ramoni (MIT)
  • Ming Xiang (MIT)


  1. MIT group prvides files to GO group for examination (done)
  2. GO group reviews file and makes notes about items to discuss (March 2)
  3. GO group conference call (regular ontology working group time March 8, 2007; 8:00amPST, 11:00amEST, 4:00pmGMT)
  4. Face-to-Face meeting at MIT (March 16)