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Existing evidence codes are insufficient to capture the provenance of many annotations which are inferred by a multiple steps, including sequential chains of steps, as in the case of inferences from inter ontology links (e.g. BP-CC links)

Proposal: evidence chain codes

We create new compositional evidence codes, for example, for inferences from inter-ontology links we would have codes such as:


These would make use of a new primitive evidence code IOL (inferred from ontology link)

These would have ECO IDs, and would have OWL definitions such as:

IMP-IOL EquivalentTo: IOL and inferred_from some IMP

With column

There are various options for the With column - the chain could be represented as a comma-separated list of Withs from the primitive code.

E.g. for IMP-IOL the with field may contain the phenotype/allele ID followed by the GO ID