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Items for November newsletter

  • Requirements for With information when using certain evidence codes (evidence code committee)
  • Mention availability of the Annotation SOP/Flowcharts
  • Muscle and cardio content meeting work
From Jen's email:
There have recently been two content meetings to improve the
cardiovascular physiology and muscle-related parts of the GO graph. The
cardiovascular physiology meeting was held by RGD at the Medical College
of Wisconsin, and the muscle meeting was held by the TRAIT database at
the University of Padova in Italy.

In the cardiovascular physiology effort 119 new terms were added and 23
terms were modified.
Further details of the work can be found at

In the muscle effort 159 new terms were added and 57 terms were modified.
Further details of the work can be found at
  • Cardiovascular Gene Ontology Annotation Initiative
A new University College London based Cardiovascular Gene Ontology Annotation 
initiative started on 1 November 2007. The project is supported by the British Heart 
Foundation, and aims to prioritize the annotation of human genes associated with 
the cardiovascular system, in order to provide full Gene Ontology annotation to genes 
associated with cardiovascular processes. For more information, please visit this URL:
  • GOA would like to announce their new Swiss-Prot subcellular location2GO (SPSL2GO) electronic mapping which will be in the next release.
Text from Rachael:
New Subcellular Location2GO mapping (spsl2go)
The GOA group are pleased to announce that in collaboration with Serenella Ferro Rojas 
of the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, we are able to offer a new external database 
mapping file. Subcellular Location terms from the Comment (CC) lines of UniProtKB entries 
have been manually mapped to GO terms. The new mapping has been applied electronically 
to enhance the electronic (IEA coded) GO annotation in our latest GOA release. This mapping 
has provided XXXXXXX new associations with XXXXXXX proteins.
The spsl2go mapping file is available from the GOA ftp site 
and the Gene Ontology Consortium website 
The GO reference for this mapping is GO_REF:0000023.

Items for future newsletters

  • Announcement of new disjoint_from tags in gene_ontology.obo file (Jane)
    • also mention that SO has them now too between the top nodes and between region and junction

Items suggested for newsletters, but better somewhere else

  • Standards for GO data in publications

New task for Group

  • Obtain an ISSN for the Newsletter,[1]