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Items for May newsletter

  • New GOA orthologs technique for IEAs (Emily)
  • biologist friendly explanation of unknown merge (Karen)
  • Perhaps a note about this page [ma]: http://www.esi-topics.com/fmf/maps/march2007-map.html
  • New public GO database at EBI (Dan - but wait until SW documentation is up to date first)
  • AmiGO on new servers, new URL http://amigo.geneontology.org (Rama)
  • Announcement of Immunology Annotation Wiki (which hopefully will be ready by early to mid-May; Alex)
  • New features of the OBO-edit release (John)
  • OBO-Edit tip (John)

Items for future newsletters

  • Cln3 article by Sara Mole for gene of the quarter (Val)
  • Standards for GO data in publications
  • Requirements for With information when using certain evidence codes (evidence code committee)
  • Changes in the with column: use of pipes (|) and commas (,) (evidence code committee)
  • New AmiGO web-interface

(it might be better to have one evidence code item once all of the changes are agreed and on the website?)