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Items for August newsletter

  • Genes of the quarter: Excision-repair proteins (already written)
  • Announcement of new column in GA files (need a volunteer to write this)
  • Announce change of date for inter-ontology links?
  • ID mapping resources

(below are leftovers from previously suggested topics)

Items for future newsletters

  • Midori has suggested we have a whole newsletter devoted to x-products. We haven't yet decided whether this will replace or be in addition to the regular newsletter release:
Dear newsletter-ers,                                                                                                   
I've had an idea for a future newsletter: how about a special issue                                                    
devoted entirely to cross-products? Chris has generated a lot of sets to                                               
review lately, and we'll deploy them in the live GO before too long.                                                   
Keeping our users fully informed will take more than an ordinary article                                               
in an ordinary newsletter.                                                                                             
Some possible articles:                                                                                                
- What are cross-products, and how do we represent them in GO files?                                                   
- What do we gain by using xps? (Midori & David?)                                                                      
- What GO terms and other ontologies will be used in xps? (Midori, David,                                              
- What will xps look like in AmiGO? (Seth, Amelia?) (maybe a pretty                                                    
  • Orthology establishment for the Reference Genomes MODs genes - Princeton group

Items suggested for newsletters, but better somewhere else

  • Standards for GO data in publications

New task for Group

  • Obtain an ISSN for the Newsletter,[1]