GO-CAM Conference Call - 2019-04-23

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Call Information

  • See GO's Google calendar for Zoom URL
  • email Kimberly if you need access to the GO's Google calendar


Follow-up from Cambridge GOC Meeting

Gitter for go-annotation

  • Reminder that we will be trying to use gitter as an informal chat room for GO annotation questions
  • https://gitter.im/geneontology/go-annotation
    • login with your github account
  • This doesn't replace github/go-annotation or formal documentation on the wiki, but is meant to be a place to ask questions or share ideas
  • We will monitor the conversations to make sure that key issues are elevated appropriately

Annotation Imports

Naming Models

  • Follow-up from breakout discussion at the Cambridge meeting
  • Model titles are currently visible on the Noctua landing page as well as on the public GO-CAM site for production models only
  • Current naming practice:
    • MOD imports - by MOD gene ID, e.g. WB:WBGene00004732 or MGI:MGI:101757
    • SynGO imports - gene/gene product name, GO aspect, number (?)
    • Manual models:
      • Production, Development (in progress, test)
      • No convention - gene names, species, pmids, mod paper ids, curator initials, paper titles, biological processes, model ids, etc., or combinations of these
        • The diverse titles arose partly out of a desire for curators to easily find production and development models they'd made
        • Do we all agree that this is not optimal and standardized model titles is desirable?
  • Do models need informative, human readable titles?
    • If yes, how should they be generated?
      • Proposal from Cambridge meeting:
        • Use controlled vocabularies and lists to generate consistent model titles
          • Manual or auto-generated?
          • Current tool behavior - a model can't be saved unless it has a title
          • Could a temporary title (e.g. model id) be generated for saving and then curators could construct a model title from a drop-down list of terms and entities present in the completed model?
            • Key points:
              • Aiming for organism-specific models of biological processes - BP terms would thus get preference for naming?
                • Other key information: anatomy and/or cell type, life stage, species
              • Annotations not yet part of a larger process would be added to the gene-specific model?
  • What should curator workflow be when starting to annotate?
    • Search existing models for possible matches?
      • This requires searches on development, as well as production, models

New Noctua "Workbenches"

Noctua Form

Relations Editor

Annotation Review Tool


  • On call: David, Dustin, Edith, Harold, Karen, Kevin, Kimberly, Marie-Claire, Monika, Petra, Rob, Sabrina, Seth, Stacia, Tanya, Tremayne