GO 18th Consortium Meeting

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September 23-24th, 2007 Princeton, New Jersey

Meeting Location
Prospect House - Presidential Dining Room
 Prospect House  
 Washington St
 Princeton, NJ 08544
 (609) 258-3455
Lunch Location: Prospect House - Library
Nassau Inn
 Nassau Inn
 10 Palmer Sq E
 Princeton, NJ 08542
 (609) 921-7500

Brainstorming on Topics for upcoming 18th meeting

  1. Delineating, and isolating, the different categories of "slims" and their usage. See Taxon_Main_Page for more discussion.
  2. The scope of 'binding' terms in the function ontology:
    1. How granular should terms be?
    2. Should there be terms for substrate origin (e.g. "viral protein binding")? See SF 1674020.
  3. Discuss how we are going to handle regulates and relationships between regulation terms (DPH)
    1. Does regulates always mean the same thing in GO?
    2. Can/should regulation be broken down into parts, or should it be a collection of types?
  4. Discuss whether GO can add a has_part relationship (mah, krc)
  5. Annotation: Discuss situations where the 'contributes_to' qualifier should and should not be used (mah for vw)
  6. Taxon-GO links.
  7. Discuss the disjoint relationships/tags in the GO BP ontology.(dph)
  8. annotation of protein complexes; "use" of IPI protein binding to track physical interactions; collab. with Reactome

GOC and Staff issues

  • The PIs should consider options for the future of the GO Editorial Office (GOEO). Affiliation with EBI has numerous advantages (for both GO and EBI), but all four GOEO staff will reach the 9-year limit by the end of the current NIH grant period.
(added at Michael's request)