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Projects Managers are assigned by GO PIs to oversee the different aspects of the project.

Role Name GitHub handle email
Project management Pascale Gaudet @pgaudet
Software management Seth Carbon @kltm
Bioinformatics Collaborations Laurent-Philippe Albou @lpalbou
Literature annotation/GO-CAM curation Kimberly VanAuken @vanaukenk
GO-CAM framework   David Hill @ukemi
Phylogenetic Annotation Huaiyu Mi @huaiyumi
Ontology Pascale Gaudet @pgaudet
Data pipeline and QA Pascale Gaudet @pgaudet
Outreach, Web presence, User Support Suzi Aleksander @suzialeksander

GO Managers Conference Calls

Weekly on Wednesdays, 11 AM EST. See GO Google calendar for details.

Agendas and minutes

GO Managers conference call - rota and minutes

Additional Calls

David, Kimberly, Pascale - Wednesday calls