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This page describes the status of the public Solr index for the GO. This index will replace some of the query functionality for GOOSE as well as become the new backend for AmiGO and other services.

Implementation Progress

We have looked at nginx as a reverse proxy for speed and to prevent unauthorized access to non-select URLs on the Solr server, and found it to be good.

The GOlr server is now active at http://golr.berkeleybop.org (nginx front on stove).

We now also have http://amigo2.berkeleybop.org working on stove.lbl.gov and backed by golr.berkeleybop.org.

We are currently transitioning from Solr 1.4 to 3.6.

Schema Progress

We are currently working towards a flexible schema as defined in the owltools code. As we roll it out for the AmiGO backend and as a replacement for common GOOSE queries, we expect to find holes in the schema, documented below.

Currently, the index is entirely populated by through an owltools command line program, using YAML files for configuration. The Solr schema.xml generation looks like:

owltools --solr-config /home/sjcarbon/local/src/svn/owltools/OWLTools-Solr/src/main/resources/ont-config.yaml /home/sjcarbon/local/src/svn/owltools/OWLTools-Solr/src/main/resources/bio-config.yaml /home/sjcarbon/local/src/svn/owltools/OWLTools-Solr/src/main/resources/ann-config.yaml /home/sjcarbon/local/src/svn/owltools/OWLTools-Solr/src/main/resources/ann_ev_agg-config.yaml --solr-schema-dump

With the actual population along the lines of:

owltools http://purl.obolibrary.org/obo/ncbitaxon/subsets/taxslim.owl http://purl.obolibrary.org/obo/cl.owl http://purl.obolibrary.org/obo/go.owl --solr-url http://localhost:8080/solr/ --solr-purge --solr-config /home/bbop/local/src/svn/owltools/OWLTools-Solr/src/main/resources/ont-config.yaml --solr-load-ontology --solr-load-gafs /srv/tmp/gene_association.mgi

Rewriting old GOOSE query examples for the new GOlr Schema

  • Example queries [1]
    • Some old queries require the use of Solr facets and some modification of code Seth has written to present simpler results queries.
    • Note: hierarchical queries that 'combine' facet queries can be handled by the facet.pivot functionality that is available in Solr 4. In the meantime, we'll see if we can devise a work-around.

Current Issues and Problems with the GOlr Schema

  • No PANTHER data
    • We'll look at creating a new document type from Suzi's PAINT code.
  • A few suggestions to make use of the document categories easier:
    • bioentity 'source' was not loaded correctly in the version I was testing
    • annotation should have 'with' field (I believe Seth said this is coming but thought I'd get it written down here)
    • ontology_class should have 'synonyms' and 'closure' (I believe Seth said this is coming)
    • annotation_aggregate should have 'go_id' as a separate field (I believe Seth said this is coming as 'alternate_id')