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*We have put together a [[gohelp people list]] of the best people to send the different queries to.
*We have put together a [[gohelp people list]] of the best people to send the different queries to.
*[http://fafner.stanford.edu/pipermail/gohelp/ Archive] of gohelp emails.
*[http://fafner.stanford.edu/mailman/listinfo/gohelp Searchable archive] of gohelp emails.

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All queries to GO are now directed to one email list: gohelp@geneontology.org. This is to help us monitor the types of queries we receive, and to ensure that all queries are responded to.


To divide up the work of answering gohelp queries, we are going to use a gohelp rota where each person will be 'on duty' for 1 week at a time. It is responsibility of the person on duty to make sure that all queries are answered, either by answering it themselves, or by forwarding on to someone else to answer.

Mail sent to gohelp is moderated. This minimizes the amount of spam that is sent to the mailing list. The mail to be moderated using the mailman interface which can be access here:


Email someone on the gohelp rota for the password.

Answering emails

Log into the mailman moderation web page. There will be a list of emails that need attention.

You should make sure that you've gotten back to the person submitting the request within 24 hours. Even if it's to say "we're looking into this" when you've forwarded it to the another person.

Valid email

  • Select the "defer" radio button.
  • Check the "forward" box and enter your email address. Forward the emails to your own email account. You cannot answer emails from the mailman moderating page.
  • Once you get the email in your inbox, delete all the header information
  • Change the subject line
  • Keep the date stamp for when the email first came into gohelp
  • Make sure to send the response to the email address of the person who submitted the question.
  • CC gohelp on your response so all responses will be archived
  • When the email is answered and you are ready to delete the email, select the "discard" radio button on the message.


  • Select the "discard" radio button
  • When you submit the requests, the spam will be deleted.

Help with Emails

  • We have put together a gohelp people list of the best people to send the different queries to.