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This page describes how the gp2protein report is generated by go-production

For more details on the gp2protein file, see the gp2protein page

- GOC gp2protein report


This needs to be moved to the regular go cvs, out of SGD.

 login to goad as mysql
 [mysql@goad load]$ pwd
 mkdir gpReport   (where report files will be generated)
 scp the script gp2protein_report.pl  to gpReport/  (or in any official place via cvs co)
 #test run, no email send out and email content to stdout
 mysql@goad gpReport]$ perl gp2protein_report.pl -log ../gp2protein_fail.log -user goadmin -pssd hoot1Nov -sock /db0/mysql/admin/golite/mysql.sock -reportdir . > temp.report
 # real run with -dosend, will send report emails to mods
 mysql@goad gpReport]$ perl gp2protein_report.pl -log ../gp2protein_fail.log -user goadmin -pssd hoot1Nov -sock /db0/mysql/admin/golite/mysql.sock -reportdir . -dosend
 take all report files from gpReport directory and deposit into goc cvs which is accessible from web.

We need to put this in a cron job as well