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What is a gp2RNA file

A gp2rna file is a tab-delimited file that provides mapping between the MOD database object IDs and ncRNA gene/sequence IDs. Contribution of this file is a new requirement (starting mm/2012).

Need for gp2RNA file

  • This file will be used to download sequences of ncRNAs from NCBI, search in AmiGO and for book keeping/tracking annotation, removing redundant annotations etc.
  • This file is required from all GO groups who annotate to ncRNAs.
  • If your annotation file includes ncRNAs, then the gp2rna file must include all ncRNA-encoding genes currently identified in the genome build including those ncRNAs not annotated to GO.

Functional ncRNA must map to NCBI (NR_ or XR_) if available, blank if unavailable).


This file should contain 2 columns, similar to the gp2protein file.

  • The first column should be the ncRNA identifiers from the contributing annotation database and should include those that don't have GO annotations.
  • The second column should provide mapping to the corresponding NCBI IDs.