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[[Immune Gene Page I|Return to Listing of Immune Related Genes Beginning with 'I']]

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Return to Listing of Immune Related Genes Beginning with 'I'

Information and Links

IFI30 interferon, gamma-inducible protein 30

Also known as: Ifi30, GILT, IFI-30, IP30, MGC32056, lysosomal thio reductase IP30 precursor

Nomenclature accurate as of April 27, 2007

Gene Details: HGNC (human) MGI (mouse)

Entrez Gene Pages: Human Mouse Cow

Orthology Predictions

Through MGI (human and other mammalian species)

Through HGNC/HCOP (vertebrate and invertebrate orthologs)

Existing GO Annotation

Use the links below as well as the links to the gene information pages above to check existing GO annotation for IFI30.

GO annotation for a particular gene in a set of orthologous genes will vary between species depending upon the experimental evidence available, annotation completeness, and fundamental differences in biology. Please take note of any aspects of the gene's biology that are not represented in the existing GO annotations.

Gene Ontology Consortium Amigo Browser: Many Species

GOA QuickGO Browser: Human Cow

MGI Browser: Mouse Mouse-Human-Rat Comparative GO Graph

Community Input Section

Examine the GO annotations for IFI30, using the links above, and tell us about aspects of its biology that are still unannotated by editing the wiki page directly. GO curators are notified when particular gene pages are changed and will act upon your contributed information to create new GO annotations.

Supporting literature may be found through the GeneRIFs on the Entrez Gene pages above, or directly through PubMed or CiteXplore

Please duplicate and complete the following sections:


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