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IL1A interleukin 1 alpha

Also known as: IL1; IL-1A; IL1F1; IL1-ALPHA

Links to information about human IL1A P01583 UniProt Entrez Gene

Orthology preditions:

Orthology table with links to gene records MGI

Comparison of different Orthology predictions with links to prediction tools: HCOP

GO Annotations:

Graph of GO annotations from Mouse,Human,Rat GO Graph

Human: GOA


Rat: RGD

Many Species: Amigo

Community Input Section

Please examine the GO annotations for this gene, using the GO annotation links above, and tell us about aspects of its biology that are still unannotated.

Please complete the following sections:

Contact Person/Submitter and email address: Ruth Lovering

Reference as PubMedID or citation: PMID: 16971486

Gene function, process, location or interacting partner (as a list, or as a short summary): nuclear localization of pre-IL-1alpha depends on the binding to HAX-1

Method and evidence used to support the annotation (eg enzyme assay, mutant phenotype, transcript levels, yeast two-hybrid-assay): Immunoprecipitation

Thank you.