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Introduction to the GO Consortium annotations

Annotation is the process of assigning GO terms to gene products. The annotation data in the GO database is contributed by members of the GO Consortium, and the Consortium actively encourages new groups to start contributing annotation.

For further details on the contents of a GO annotation, please see: XYZ!!

GO Annotation Policy Collaborating annotation group in the GO Consortium work to annotate their gene products with GO terms. Such annotation sets can be produced via an automatic annotation pipeline (URL!) or through curator review of sequence data or publications of functional characterization information.

Annotations are available to download from (URL!) or can be individually viewed via a number of GO browsers, such as AmiGO (URL!)

A full list of the GO Consortium annotation groups can be found here: XYZ!! These groups are responsible for ensuring that their annotation data is regularly uploaded to the central GO repository for storage and redistribution. GO Consortium groups are responsible for keeping their annotation data up-to-date in response to changes either in GO annotation practices and format changes, ontology or sequence updates.

Annotion efforts who prefer not to maintain their annotation dataset in the long term can submit data to the GO repository via another GO Consortium annotation group, which will undertake to maintain the data long-term. Details on how such contributions can be made are described here: XYZ!

Avoiding redundancy

Where two or more GO Consortium annotation groups are annotating gene products from the same species to GO, we encourage the model whereby one database group collects all annotation data for that species, removes redundant, identical GO annotations, and then submits the total dataset to the central repository. This reduces the number of redundant annotations that will appear in the master dataset, which is used by AmiGO and other GO tools. Please see the list of species and relevant database groups for more details (URL XYZ!!).

The GO Consortium makes all of the individual GO annotation datasets available from the GO website, via the GO web CVS interface, or from the directory go/gene-associations/ in the GO CVS repository. (LINKS!) All of the individual annotation datasets are also listed in the annotation downloads table (LINK!).

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For more information on annotation, please see the following resources: Sample annotation sets GO annotation guidelines (Manual/Electronic) Evidence codes File Format Guide