LEGO October 19, 2015

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December Noctua Training

  • See Paul's email for Doodle poll
  • Settle on dates and place and invite more GOC members?

Noctua and LEGO Curation Documentation

LEGO Models for Annotation Consistency Exercises

  • pombe paper (September's paper)
  • Zfin paper (October's paper)


  • On call - Chris, David, Heiko, Kimberly, Paul T., Seth, Suzi

Software Updates

  • New version of Firefox causing some issues for people
  • Progress on real-time searches (search as you produce)
  • Open ticket for Capella/Noctua communication - K/M need to add output format
  • Software call scheduled for this Friday, 10/23

December Noctua Training

  • Paul will send invitation to additional consortium members; from that we'll decide a time and place
  • Agenda for the training meeting
    • Basic Noctua tool training
    • Have curators model a conserved process in their organism (possibilities: apoptosis, autophagy)
    • Will model a process, but also model from individual papers
  • Flesh out the documentation as much as possible before the meeting