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Present: Rama, Chris, David, Jane, Kimberley, Pascale
Present: Rama, Chris, David, Jane, Kimberley, Pascale, Suzi
===Trello Board===
===Trello Board===

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Present: Rama, Chris, David, Jane, Kimberley, Pascale, Suzi

Trello Board

Each group gave an update and went through their group's priorities at this meeting.

  • Annotation group
    • We are working on implementing the new QC checks (Reference IDs) and RCA check
    • The next call will focus on curation related questions. We are planning to talk about one GO term for which annotations have to be rehoused (cell cycle phase). We are trying this approach so curators are not overwhelmed by all the re-annotation they have to do.
    • Synapse jamboree- Leigh mentioned in her email that they are interested in curating from literature. So it would be good to have an ontology developer and somebody with annotation expertise. Kimberley suggested that Dough Howe would be a good fit since this group is focusing on mammals and vertebrates. David Hill can go for a day, he will look into going for both days (Dec 4,5). David OS has offered to go. Suzi mentioned that there are funds to fund this trip.
    • Chris is going to work with Rachael on the Deeping of protein binding annotations
    • Jamboree has started. Inperson jamboree is in 2 weeks.
    • Pascale asked about annotations that are challenged in protein2GO. Some of them are not acted upon. What is p2GO's practice on these? Jane will check with Rachael et al.
  • Software
    • Drupal move is done (we removed this card from the board)
    • OWL reasoning?
    • Capella?
    • AmiGO2 search issues- Chris et al are very aware of the way the search works. They are planning to release a fix in the next version
  • CAF
    • Kimberley is busy with the Textpresso MF text mining project
  • Website, outreach
    • we had an issue with GO help (emails were being forwarded as coming from cloud and they were miscategorized as spam, temporary fix in production now).
    • We should present google analytics data on GOC website and AmiGO 2 in the next meeting